School of Computing


The School of Computing cherishes many milestones that date back to its origins in 1967 when it was still known as The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. In 2004, after the merger between Unisa and Technicon Southern Africa and the incorporation of the distance education component of Vista (VUDEC) to form the new Unisa, the department changed its name to the School of Computing (SoC). In 2013 SoC moved to the Unisa Science Campus in Florida, Johannesburg.

The SoC has established itself, and gained a reputation as a leader in Computing for various reasons:

Two noteable milestones are:

SoC became the first South African university to offer HCI (Human Computer Interaction) courses at post- and undergraduate level.
In 2007 Prof Paula Kotze (B3 NRF) became the first woman researcher in the college to receive an NRF B rating.